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Women are (still) under-represented at senior levels in many organisations, which is why we launched our "Women in Leadership" program in 2014 to assist businesses to tackle this issue. Since launching the program, we are proud that our placement levels have achieved gender parity at 50/50.

We're proactively partnering with businesses to help them solves some of their diversity challenges. This includes market mapping for niche skill sets ahead of time and working on nurture and engagement programs so we can transition and on-board females effectiveley, at the right ponts in time, for their career.

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Driving tangible results in the gender balance equation.

Louise Langridge & Vanessa Harding-Farrenberg

Together with Women on Boards, our round table series addresses why the current measures being adopted by organisations are not delivering the desired results including a review of what’s been working, what hasn’t and what new strategies can be implemented to move the dial.


Why, despite an increased focus, have we not moved the needle on the diversity dial and what else can we do to drive tangible results?

Louise Langridge & Vanessa Harding-Farrenberg

One of the deepest structural influences we have on gender balance or diversity in general is the way that we approach talent. Currently, there is a race to find high potential people between the ages of 28-35, so that we can over-invest in them, over-sponsor them and give them abundant opportunities.


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Vanessa Harding-Farrenberg and Louise Langridge are joint Managing Directors of Morgan McKinley Australia.
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APAC Regional Managing Director, Sydney
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APAC Regional Managing Director, Sydney