Your quarterly update on the IT & Business Transformation market

Jonty Plewes
June 27, 20185 mins read

Just like that we are half way through the year.

Everyone keeps saying it, but 2018 is flying by! It has been a great H1 for the IT and Business Transformation team, we have been fortunate enough to partner with some great Programs across Sydney to provide resources across all levels.  We have grown to a record number of contractors out and have just added two new headcount across the division to help cope with the demand, welcome to James and Danny.

The Royal Commission continues to keep demand high across our Financial Services clients, especially on the contract side and across our Commerce clients we have seen some large scale IT/Digital Transformations and a continued focused on cost out initiatives.

We have brought you a number of specialist events across the teams and are excited about the event calendar we have in place for the second half of the year.

Here’s what has been going on across our specialist areas in Quarter two:

Business Analysis

The specialist BA team at Morgan McKinley is describing the current market in Sydney as being busy and competitive!  There are a number of large Programs / Projects underway in many organisations across both Financial Services and Commerce & Industry. 

Within Financial Services The Royal Commission has had a big impact as there is an ongoing effort to make organisations more regulated.  In addition, some organisations are selling parts of their businesses, which has resulted in huge programs of work to separate the processes and systems.

With increasing competition within FMCG there is an on-going focus on improving the customer experience by automating / streamlining process as well as offering customers new products. In addition, there is a continual demand for talent within the Agile space, this is across the majority of sectors and includes demand for high calibre Agile BA’s but also for BA’s who are looking to transition into the Product Owner or Scrum Master spaces.  

Most clients / organisations are still particular about the BA having specialist domain or specific project(s) knowledge / experience, so as much as the market is busy, it is still being very selective.  

On the flip side high calibre BA’s who do have the expertise in the 'in demand' areas are rarely on the market for long. Therefore, we urge our clients to act quickly if they do meet somebody that ticks the majority of the boxes. If you wait, there is a very high possibility that this person will have at least one other offer from another organisation and will no longer be on the market.

Change Management

“The only constant is change,” in the words of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus. As Sydney continues to Change so does the demand for experts in managing Change. Companies must increasingly react to sudden shifts in the marketplace, to other external shocks such as The Royal Commission, and to the imperatives of new business models. What does this mean for Change? 

We have noticed an increased demand for 'Hands on Senior Operators' who are able to both design the strategy and roll their hands up to deliver. The numerous projects initiated by the Royal Commission entering the banks has meant that more than ever people with regulatory experience are being called upon across levels. There has been an increase in HR , Cyber security  and Finance programs which have seen people with experience in these transformations in high demand. Daily rates have risen at the base level of the pyramid benefiting those most in demand; Change Managers and Change Analysts. Change Leads are starting to turn their hand back to delivery as an acknowledgement that getting out of touch will make you untouchable. 

Permanent roles have been a hard sell with the market being hot for daily rate contractors and a busy project pipeline forecast, Change professionals are likely to be very secure contracting for the coming months.

Program/Project Delivery

Another busy quarter across the Project Delivery area, across our Commerce clients we have seen a big push to bring PMs in on a fixed term basis, with focus on true business focused Project Managers that can drive cost improvement programs.  Within our Financial Services area we have seen more demand for day rate contractors, especially those with regulatory/compliance experience as organisations continue to react to the regulators and Royal Commission.  We have seen a spike in the daily rates at this level due to the demand for these resources.    

There is now a constant focus on Agile delivery across all clients, with a high demand for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters on a contract and permanent basis. 

Process Improvement/Lean Six Sigma

A steady demand for resources across the Process Improvement space, this has predominantly been on the contract side with more demand for the “hands on” resources.  Many companies are now looking at Robotics and Automation, as such we have seen a big push on BPM to make sure Process’ are correctly mapped ready to be automated.   A blended skill set of automation and Lean Six Sigma is where we see the market heading, with less demand for the more traditional Black Belt roles. 

At this point we would like to thank everyone that has worked with the team for the first half of the year and we look forward to partnering with you for the rest of the year.

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