Working life as a Consultant

Working life as a Consultant

Chris Eggleston 08.05.2017

Please see below a guest blog from Larry Gingold.

Larry is currently working with SMS Management & Technology as a finance and business management consulting professional with over 25 years of experience here in Australia and the USA. He is an innovative thought leader whose specialties lie within Program Management, Business Performance Analysis and Strategy.

Working life as a consultant:

1. Where did you start out your career?

I was fortunate enough to start at the top - Marsh Mclennan NY, building one of the first financial shared service centre in the world based on systems accounting capabilities. Then I went to HBO part of Time Warner where as director of finance I helped redefine the HBO business model basically identifying the difference between their end customer versus channel strategy once their was strong competition in the market in pay TV programming.

2. What got you into consulting?

I am an accidental consultant, I started as you can see as a very dedicated financial manager and business operations person. Life style change sent me, with my Aussie wife and first child, here and I found I had more of a community of interest in my skills than in a specific business industry. I enjoy the challenge and the continual learning you get from connecting with organisations as you share insights and experiences.

3. Biggest challenges faced as a consultant? 

The biggest challenge in consulting today is from the industry itself and what that has translated into for potential clients. In essence there is a lack of clarity as to what a consultant does in terms of advising, coaching, and mentoring organisations to understand and respond to risks, issues or opportunities versus what a contracting resource may do as an analyst researching and assessing a finite scope of work on a given project. This gets muddled and then you see poor projects using a cobbled together team with no real point of leadership around the business decisions.

4. What approach has worked for you and what's been the key to your success?

The critical key to my success is my very early on learnings and continuous study of applying of business modelling and process alignment to capability assessments and delivery. I can get on to delivering the critical needs of an organisation quickly by using a very structured approach to business structure and architecture.

5. What advice would you give someone looking at getting into consulting? 

Aside from thick skin, I would have to say determine if you enjoy business in general, how it works and immersing yourself into an organisation. Also consider if you will enjoy the continuous meeting of many new colleagues and friends, as well as the continual learning. It sometimes feels that almost by nature you are staying current on relevant issues in technology, human capital, logistics.

6. What key skills do you think your vast experience in consulting has given you?

Rational structured thinking around business issues. Being able to see the difference between root cause and effect. The recognitions given me that I have appreciated the most have been "trouble shooter", "business solutions person", and "business program developer."

Larry is passively looking for his next role, as an experienced consultant I most certainly endorse his experience and stakeholder management skillset. For any of my clients looking for a highly efficient consultant, please contact me for further information

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