Women in Leadership Panel and Lunch 2016: White Paper Release

Ripesh Damania 01.11.2016

The case for female representation at the top of organisations is well and truly established. Research has shown that companies with diversity of thought at the top outstrip their competitors by a mile when it comes to performance.

Morgan McKinley has been dedicated to drawing forward-looking, thought-provoking ideas and inspirations from our continued work in gender equality and diversity since the beginning of our Women in Leadership project in 2014.

As many of you know from our blog following on from the Women in Leadership panel and lunch, we had the opportunity to collaborate with some key figures heavily involved in shaping the way major organisations are now delving into these issues. We introduced:


We see this release bringing a strong focus on real world issues companies are facing and the sobering reality of how to deal with them, including the positive steps, and the ones we still have to take. From the discussion we had the opportunity to open our eyes more to how companies are tracking on gender balance;

  • What are their targets (if any?) and how did they agree on them?
  • Where have gains been made and where are losses still present?
  • How do we turn our focus to blue collar and heavy labour regulations in order to increase flexibility across board?
  • What innovative practices are we seeing implemented?


The paper delivers answers to these questions as well as laying out some hard to swallow insights such as the fact that despite our best efforts, Anglo-Saxon males still dominate boards, with the percentage of women on ASX200 boards plateauing at fewer than 20%.

But these facts come coupled with hope. The feel of the paper is stark but positive; no, we are not where we thought we would be, but we are moving in the right direction. As well as companies taking the steps of their own, Morgan McKinley has a personal mission to support organisations to improve the gender balance from the top. We work closely with our clients and candidates in a number of ways to ensure this;

  • This year has seen a dedicated round table series where we bring together Heads of HR and Talent Acquisition to share their learnings and failures, to put heads together on strategies (the findings from our next event will be published shortly)
  • Our joint Managing Directors, Louise Langridge and Vanessa Harding-Farrenberg, continue to support and offer mentorships to individual women looking for development or assistance as they progress from middle management
  • Our consultants are trained to coach candidates so that a support network is in place for candidates who need the support and sponsorship to step up into their next role
  • In addition to this they have the capability to manage and advise our clients through the recruitment process, offering unbiased feedback if there is an unconscious gender inclination, providing guidance and consultation throughout the process in understanding the wants and needs of the role from stripping back the job descriptions through to culture and team fit


If you have any further questions or an interest in what Morgan McKinley can offer you as an individual or as a company, we are always available for a confidential discussion regarding your future.

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