Will You Get the Most from Your Christmas Break?

Jessica Barrett 04.12.2017

As you recharge over the Christmas break, here's three points to consider to help you reflect on the past year and put the best foot forward for the next.

It’s that time of year again – within the blink of an eye, we have almost reached the great Sydney shut down, affectionately known as Christmas or the summer break.

I won’t pretend for a moment that I am overly enthusiastic about the mandatory leave over the festive period, some people I know are required to take 3 of their 4 weeks and this just seems unfair. I am however a fan of a holiday, and even though these people are forced to take their long annual leave at this time, at least they are taking some.

An article I read recently outlines why a holiday is so important. Not only will you recharge your batteries and get a better night’s sleep, a holiday will also give you the time and space to consider what is truly important to you.

As part of this, perhaps now is a good time to think about where you are heading in your career:

  • Where do you really want to go and are you on the way to getting there?
  • Is there anything you could be doing differently?
  • Can you enrol in that course, instead of putting it off until tomorrow?


There are many ways to tackle this, finding and enlisting the aid of a mentor is a great way to help you channel your ideas.

By the end of January, the recruitment market is extremely busy again. So while you’re sipping on your cold beer and BBQ’ing your steak, perhaps your next move could be bubbling on your back burner.

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Senior Consultant | Business Analysis