When and how to change your payroll company as a contractor?

Dominic Bareham
May 25, 20205 mins read

In all aspects of life, value is important. Instinctively we want to want to feel valued, be heard and receive consistently good service. That is no different when it comes to the expectations you should have from the relationship and service received from your payroll company and recruitment agency.

3 reasons for you to consider changing your payroll company

Working in an hourly or daily paid contract for the State Government gives you the FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM to choose your payroll company. 

You have secured a contract directly with the Government

In the instance that you have secured a new role directly with the Government and you are paid hourly or daily, your Government recruitment contact will ask you to select an agency from an approved list to act as your payroll company. 

Poor service

Are you frustrated by unreturned phone calls, emails or payroll issues? If you are unhappy with the service you receive from your current recruitment agency, you can choose to work with another government approved agency and payroll company. At Morgan McKinley, our team of recruitment consultants can talk you through this very simple process. You can contact them here.


Is your current recruitment agency taking a small % of your salary to process your payroll? If so, you might want to consider choosing an agency where that is not the case.  For us, for example, processing your payroll is simply considered a part of our complimentary payroll company service and there is no need to pay fees unnecessarily. There are no fees to process your payroll whether you are PAYG or ABN. 

How to change your payroll company?

If you were to choose Morgan McKinley to act as your payroll company, our contracting experience team which is dedicated to successfully onboarding new contractors will make sure you receive a smooth and quick transition process.  

Everything Is Online

We issue contracts online and there is no need to come to the office or wait to receive contracts in the post. All the documentation you need is accessible online. 

What happens next?

You will receive regular check-in calls from our contractor onboarding team throughout the period of your contact, with an initial period of every 3 weeks to check you are settled and then moving to every 6 weeks. 

If you would like to get started with the transition process or have any questions about your options and would like some advice, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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