What Does Temp Mean to You?

Josh Hawkins 10.02.2015

There are many perceptions of 'temp' in the market and as I specialise on an interim accountancy desk here at Morgan McKinley, this got me thinking. Why is it that that temp candidates can sometimes be seen as less desirable than others?

From my experience as a temporary recruiter, the candidates that I meet on a day to day basis are every bit as skilled as their permanent counterparts, and in some cases more so.  On this I have gone into more detail as why businesses hire temporary staff and if you have experienced any of the following, then a temporary finance professional could be needed.
1. Unexpected Leave/Departure
I’m sure this has happened to every Finance Manager when someone unexpectedly hands in their notice for a number of reasons, such as to go travelling overseas.  This always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times, which means help is needed fast.
2. Projects

With market dynamics constantly changing, something outside of “business as usual” will come up to challenge the finance team.  This can be a great opportunity to bring in a skilled interim worker.  I’ve listed some examples of what type of work could affect the team:

  • A System Upgrade or System implementation
  • A new budgeting method or financial modelling
  • Acquiring new businesses

The mistake that is often made is relying on your current staff to handle these projects.  This can again lead to an over worked team or demotivated team as they may be doing work they are not comfortable with.

3. Peak Seasons

Year/half year end, tax deadlines or increased work across holiday seasons can always challenge your finance team.  I’ve seen a number of times when the team becomes unproductive and burnt-out which can lead to sick leave or even staff turnover.
I believe it is important to plan ahead for the busy seasons which can mean bringing in temporary staff to ease the pressure on your permanent staff.
4. Increase in Business Volume

Large spikes in business volume can have negative impact on your business if accounting falls behind.  A great solution to this is to bring somebody in on a temporary to permanent contract.  This will give you the flexibility to extend or cut short the contract depending on the workload coming up.

If you would like to discuss temp opportunities or temp candidates, please feel free to contact me.  

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