[Infographic] What Does It Take to Break through the Glass Ceiling?

Louise Langridge
March 14, 20141 min read

As companies around the world compete for market share, ideas and talent, it has become clear that women leaders will have a huge impact on business success. So what does it take to break the glass ceiling?

Research by McKinsey has shown that companies with the most gender-diverse leadership teams are also the top financial performers. Women bring different perspectives in terms of diversity of thought, knowledge of what  motivates customers and employees, and their different life experience.

Nevertheless women are confronted with a variety of invisible barriers to their progress up the corporate hierarchy. That “diversity of thought” can actually prove to be a barrier, as women are pushed into roles that allegedly play to female strengths, while being held back in other key roles. In Australia these attitudes appear to be particularly entrenched. Women hold only approximately 10% of ASX 200 executive roles.

Morgan McKinley is proud to bring you this research and the collective wisdom of some of Australia’s top female leaders.

Unfortunately there is no magical unique path to success. Every woman and every situation is different. But here are our contributors’ top tips for women who aspire to leadership:

What does it take to break through the glass ceiling?

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