What Does the Future Look Like for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, According to Brock Douglas of IBM

Louise Langridge 27.06.2017

Robotics and Artifical Intelligence are familiar buzzwords across all industries at the moment, and this subject has the capacity to affect every area of business – as many companies are becoming increasingly aware.

Morgan McKinley was excited to host a breakfast panel discussion which focused on this highly disruptive topic that sits at the heart of Innovation.

We looked at the journey of ‘the robot’ in all its forms within business; from implementing basic automation tools to the relationship between human and artificial intelligence. In particular, we discussed the trust between the customer and the robot, as well as, the integral perceptions of employee/robot relationships.

We were delighted to bring you some of Australia’s leading experts in robotics and AI, who shared both their personal experiences in this field and advice as business leaders.

In this clip Brock Douglas, IBM Watson Leader at IBM offers his view on what the future looks like for Robotics & AI.

About Brock

Brock Douglas, IBM Watson LeaderBrock spends his days working with clients to promote positive brand experiences using cognitive tools such as artificial intelligence, robotics and analytics. With over 20 years of experience in the retail industry, Brock has lead transformational projects for iconic brands such as David Jones in Australia and Lotte in Korea. Brock is now answering the call across other industries to address their question “how do we be more like a retailer?”. As the IBM Watson strategic solutions leader Brock has been enabling positive growth for businesses across Asia Pacific.



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