[Video] Your quarterly update on the Strategy market - Part 1

Shaun Stevens
July 24, 20182 mins read

Despite recent redundancy announcements from several big players, Q2 saw a continued demand for new opportunities from both the client and candidate side.

The infrastructure sector in particular is booming - which caused a spike in recruitment across many industries including construction, telecommunications and consumer energy. Candidates with transactions and M&A experience were in high demand, and the most popular roles​ across the Infrastructure sector​ were those with a strategic investments or acquisitorial element.

The other sector that made the headlines this quarter was Financial Services, where again we have been exceptionally busy, and we envisage a lot of change going into the second half of this year particularly with the outcomes of the Royal Commission and APRA reports. 

We are seeing an increased​ demand for junior consultants with very strong​ data analytics​ & ​financial modelling ​skills and on the more commercial side, ​candidates who​ are able to use ​data​ to tell a story and create a vision. 

We are finding c​lient​s​ often have expectations of junior strategy professionals way beyond their years of tenure. Is this a skill gap or an unrealistic expectation? Our advice would be for junior consultants to be pushing for senior client engagement as soon as possible to help when giving examples in interview. 

Many of our long-term clients are very aware it is a candidate short market and those that have taken our advice as to the best way to attract the best talent seem to be winning the battle. Those that just expect the candidate to go in, sell themselves and do round after round of case interviews however, are not. 

The process must be two sided, an informal coffee to start with always helps, bringing in the A team interviewers is a must, as is giving them a solid understanding of where the opportunity can take them long term. 

All in all, we are in store for a strong third quarter and expect a flood of excellent candidates to come on the market following mid-year bonus season. At the senior end of the market, whilst there has still been a steady flow of roles, we tend to get an influx of senior roles in August post budget release. In most cases businesses are kicking off a new financial year so budgets will start being approved and hiring strategies formulated. 

Top roles in demand in Strategy 

Senior Strategy Manager
Investment Strategy Manager
Senior Strategy Analyst

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