[Video] Your quarterly update on the IT market

Jonty Plewes
July 24, 20184 mins read

With an exciting market that shows no signs of stopping, the need for motivated, driven, and passionate IT professionals across Sydney is continuously growing across all industries halfway into 2018.

With companies taking the leap of faith and migrating their systems to the cloud, modifying of their technical stacks, and releasing new products there is increasing need for enthusiastic developers, engineers, designers, and architects to join. The IT space is currently in a great spot as there are a wide variety of roles across the industry, with particular growth this year, and predicted growth year on year to keep up with ever-changing technology. 

Across industries, with a key focus on start-up organisations, there is a great need for both contracting and permanent employees. Contractors play an important role for organisations to meet their urgent IT project needs, ranging from in 3-6-month periods. In terms of specifics: 

  • For passionate developers with a love for contracting there is an abundance of roles with competitive day rates that are ranging from $600 - $1000 per day.
  • Architect contractors also have an abundance of roles, as cloud computing is no longer a matter of 'if'; it is a matter of 'how'. This increase in demand and value to the role has seen day rates range from $850 - $1100 per day. 
  • Designers are seeing a great mix of permanent, fixed-term contracts, and regular contracting. The regular contract UX/UI Designer are ranging from $600 - $950/day dependent on the seniority.

In the realm of designers, the key challenges that are facing the industry would be the distinct lack of “years of experience” and communication ability. The former issue would be understandable as UX is relatively new compared to a field such as IT development - so we are having a skewed representation of what is a “junior” and “senior” within the industry. The lack of communication is astounding as a substantial part of the UX process is to run workshops, so the natural connection would be that we would be able to communicate with internally just as well. With those challenges being tackled, the range of a “mid-level” (arbitrary definition) ranges from the $90,000 to $150,000+ for the UX/UI leads that are able to get hands-on on the tools as well as manage teams. 

As we are seeing more and more companies migrate their infrastructure, platforms and software to the cloud, the Cloud Architect has now become a critical role within IT Organisations. A great Cloud Architect can successfully build, deploy, manage, secure and integrate cloud services; however, an exceptional Cloud Architect is the glue that can successfully bridge the communication gap between the highly technical and key business stakeholders. 

A growing need for Senior and Technical leads is increasing within the permanent market, however with a change in the traditional focus of leading positions being purely ‘oversight of delivery’. The shift in focus of technical lead positions has meant that development leads are still responsible for the hands-on development, just as much as the junior and mid in addition to overseeing the delivery. The increase in responsibility has seen salaries begin from $120k, skyrocketing to $180k. 

There is also still high demand for both junior and mid-level developers, with great emphasis placed upon results driven and passionate developers, with salaries ranging from $80k to $110k. 

For IT professionals, start-up firms are captivating a large chunk of the market, and with their flexible and creatively driven cultures.. who wouldn’t want to work with them? 

“Passion” has been a commonly recycled term hiring managers are looking for in their people. This passion expectation managers have for new on boarders is essential in their ability to move forward as a business and compete against their intense competition. 

However, clients are not alone in their high expectations. Candidates are also in need of roles that fit their expectations, including flexibility in working hours and the aspect of working from home, receiving a salary or day rate that allows them to pay for their overpriced Sydney mortgage and utilisation of modern technical stacks, and so on. With this need, companies must be responsive to meet their expectations to ensure longevity and reputation is sustained well into the future.

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