[Video] Your quarterly update on the Government recruitment market

Dominic Bareham
October 15, 20182 mins read

Welcome to your quarterly update on the Government recruitment market, where we provide you with insights from the previous and upcoming quarters.

In this quarter the Government sector has been extremely vibrant. We have seen increased demand across many Departments and Universities, especially in the business transformation space. 

We have also experienced a very buoyant and fast paced candidate market with clients moving quickly to secure top talent, and where they don't, they have missed out.

The key talent our Government clients have been seeking to engage over this period has been in the business transformation space, roles such as Business Analysts, Project Managers and Change Managers, the focus has definitely been on people and process rather than technology.

Towards the end of the period, we have also seen a ramp up in the the requirement for data analytics and insights talent.

In a vibrant contracting market such as the one we are seeing currently, talent moves quickly and follows the interesting and challenging projects, the challenge is anticipating these demands and the niche technologies our clients require. Student management systems is a key one for our clients at the moment, for example.

Across our Government clients, I can only see growth and additional requirements over the coming quarter as NSW Government head to the polls in March 2019. Many departments have key priorities that they need to deliver prior to this important deadline.

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