Transformation is Changing the Way Companies Hire Staff

Josh Hawkins
June 1, 20152 mins read

It’s a busy time in the Construction, Infrastructure and Property space and the interesting thing is the level of disparity between these activities from very positive to as bad as news gets!

On the one hand there are potentially exciting JV’s on the cards, the introduction of dividends for the first time in a while (I’m sure shareholders would say a ‘long while’!) and chatter around materials businesses being a strong investment proposition for the near future. On the other hand thousands of jobs are being cut, we are experiencing regional property slowdowns and even corruption allegations!

So what does the future hold?

What is evident is that we can no longer discuss about sector success – every sector has its winners and losers and this one is no exception!

Transformation – improved processes and systems certainly play a part in the winner’s success, especially in any business that has manufacturing capability. Whereas within service based businesses, investment in commercial finance support has ignited new perspective on deal structures, values and promotions.  This has delivered new value to revenue streams once written off as economic black holes for businesses. Furthermore the utilisation of the huge amounts of data held by businesses and monetisation of this data has meant that companies have to maximise on this in order to gain a competitive edge.

With so much change happening this has had a direct effect on the way companies are currently hiring staff.  The biggest change has been the increase in the amount of contract roles that are now available in comparison to permanent positions, which has been for a number of reasons.  As previously mentioned with “transformation” being the trend, this has meant companies are opting for candidates to come in to assist with this change or even backfill BAU positions.  Therefore our clients are increasingly asking for candidates that have had experience working on large projects and this is a skill that is going to be a differentiator going forward.

Therefore what is true is that there is a strong desire for transformation experience so if you are a qualified accountant looking for contract work, I’m currently recruiting a number of exciting opportunities so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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