The Software Development Industry: How are Employers Going to Attract You?

Ripesh Damania 16.10.2017

Within the software development market, demand for developer roles are driven by several larger trends in software development.

First, the maturity of open source projects allows more code reuse. Second, the proliferation of web APIs grants developers access to significant functionality for a fraction of the cost to build those services from scratch. Third, infrastructure-as-code and hosted on-demand servers allow developers to accomplish tasks that would have previously required a dedicated operations team.

When recruiting developers, employers look for various other qualities over and above simply their technical ability. Nowadays companies look for experienced developers with a range of skills, both technical and non-technical. They essentially look for developers who can write good, clean code but also developers with top flight reading speed and comprehension. A significant portion of a developers day is spent reading, whether it be other people's code, web sites with examples, documentation, or project specs. Developers who read slowly, or worse, don't understand what they're reading, will be inefficient at best, and dangerous at worst. Finally employers also look for developers who can communicate well with the business so that they are able to discuss requirements in a coherent manner.

In order to tempt the best talent, companies are offering other benefits to candidates so that their business is perceived as a more appealing place to work.

* Profit Sharing - Whether it is a quarterly bonus or it’s divided out at the end of the year, profit sharing has proven to make employees more invested in the company’s success. Employees feel a direct benefit from the company’s profitability, and in turn they work harder and more efficiently. 

* Maternity and Paternity leave beyond that required by law - Companies are adopting ways to show their employees that work-life balance is a high priority by giving extended maternity and paternity leaves. When parents are able to spend time with their kids, they come back rejuvenated and with a new sense of purpose. 

* Time off during the day - Allowing employees to go off-site, play ping pong, take a nap, or do another activity may seem like it would reduce productivity, but in reality, it shows a level of trust that a lot of employees thrive on. 

Expectations for Q4, 2017

The market is exceptionally buoyant at the moment and we expect there to be a steady flow of mid/senior development positions throughout the last quarter and into Q1 of 2018. Software Developers are the most expensive element of the SDLC. Companies look to cut costs by paying a premium initially for a Developer versed in the subject matter of their project and then hire middle-tier dev. talent for the remaining development needs to offset this initial premium.

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