Q3 2019 Government Recruitment Trends

Gavin Milgate
October 8, 20192 mins read

Our quarterly update on the Government market, where we provide you with insights from both the previous and upcoming quarters.

What were the market trends for last quarter?

With the end of the financial year and the delay in budgets being signed off, in addition to the changes in the machinery of government jobs have decreased by 25% in Q3. It was also evident that the majority of those coming to market were replacement hiring or lower-level salaries.

Government recruitment trends

What are the major skills in demand?

Finance and Policy roles again dominated this quarter with finance transformation projects. However, it is clear that there is a shift toward IT & Business Transformation requirements towards the tail end and we expect this to flow through to quarter four.

What are the skill gap shortages?

Similar to last quarter Finance Professionals with the necessary skills to liaise with non-finance minded stakeholders are highly sort after, but hard to find. Also, with the level of transformation within the government departments, there is a shortage of Organisation Design Experts with skills to facilitate the change.

Government recruitment trends

What is the outlook for the next quarter?

The final quarter of 2019 is looking very positive and we expect it to be a busy run into Christmas.

Budgets are starting to get released and hiring managers are looking to commence much needed public sector bodies of works throughout all departments. As such we expect the market to be competitive for key talent across Project Management, Organisational Design, Finance, Policy and IT.

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