Q2 2019 Analytics Recruitment Trends

Jack Pope
July 17, 20192 mins read

Our quarterly update on the Analytics market, where we provide you with insights from both the previous and upcoming quarters.

What were the market trends for last quarter?

Big Data Engineers are still in high demand, a continuing trend from the start of the year. This has largely come down to a number of large-scale migration projects that have kicked off in the last 6 months.

analytics recruitment trends

What are the major skills in demand?

Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) experience is quickly becoming a must have for Data Engineers. Having a strong commercial awareness is also still key in securing a new role or succeeding in your current position.

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What are the skill gap shortages?

These really mirror the current skills in demand for this quarter, as projects start to kick off, finding Data Engineers with commercial experience in GCP or Azure is going to get increasingly more difficult.

analytics recruitment trends

What is the outlook for the next quarter?

As the new financial year kicks off we expect to see a lift in the number of new roles to market, both contract and permanent. 

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