The Pursuit of Pragmatic Positivity

Josh Hawkins
August 8, 20142 mins read

We have all heard about the perceived power of positive thinking and the so called results it can produce – but can it?

Now I am the first one, as anyone who knows me will testify, to be cautious of these sorts of developments as I thought  people are just the way they are and some were lucky enough to be of a positive disposition – that was not me!

I think I held the above views because I knew I would never be the type of person to see the positive in everything all the time – you know those annoying people I’m referring to! Sorry annoying people.

So I wanted a piece of the positivity pie but knew that it couldn’t be in the traditional sense so started to think of how I could combine being my pragmatic self with being positive which then lead me to coin the term pragmatic positivity. In my case, this means being results driven and focusing on outcomes over a period of time, not as individual events as they occur.

For example; being a recruiter, things can go my way or not 10 times a day and that yoyo is no place to build a positive outlook.

Furthermore, it’s obvious that people want to deal with, talk to and just generally be around positive and successful people.

Now this all sounds great I know but in order to actually be able to benefit from this and overcome the natural ‘neg-head’ default mode you have to perform the self sell. You need to deliver the pitch of your life in order to convince yourself that you are going to benefit from it day in day out – not in the “I’m joining the gym in January and returning to my pie chief ways in Feb” sentiment – actual commitment, scary I know!

As a former sceptic in a transitional phase to pragmatic positivity, I am happy to report good things so far – who knew I could be wrong and I might not know best in all things....

Top Tips

  •  Focus on the results and outcomes over a period of time
  •  Stop, take a look at your environment and situation – there will be positives you may not of even noticed – focus on them!
  •  Make a point of building relationships in and out of work with positive, successful  people
  • Feel free to vent but only if you follow it with practical solutions and deliverables rather than just the downside

Go, focus on the wins and watch your success grow and your friend’s eye balls roll less! 

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