The Morgan McKinley Oxfam 100km Trailwalk Training Diary Series

Cherie Angus
July 30, 20194 mins read

The Oxfam 100km Trailwalk is one of the world's toughest challenges, both physically and mentally. Every attempt at this trail has been met with success by Morgan McKinley’s teams, and 2019 will be no different!  This year's challenge will take place 23-25 August.

Our two teams, Morgan McWalkies and Morgan McKilometres, aim to raise $10,000 between them for Oxfam. A click on either of our teams will lead you to the donation page.

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Our volunteers have committed to working as a team, training over a number of weekends with the aim of completing the track inside of 36 hours - walking non-stop from Friday morning through to Saturday evening. This journey is going to be a real challenge, both mentally and physically, and the effort to train and participate is an incredible display of commitment, determination and mental power. 

Below you will find updates about their training journey so far. We look forward to taking you along for the ride!

Training Diary Entry 3: The Night Walk

We decided to try something different this year - a walk in the dark. This was so we could prepare ourselves for when it comes to walking overnight during the actual event.

We arrived at Cowan Station at 5.15pm, just as the sun was setting, and proceeded to walk the second leg of the track: Cowan to Berowra. With a lot of climbing and many up's and down's (over the hills, that is), this was definitely a new experience for the first-timers of the teams.

This 14km section normally takes walkers around six hours to complete, and the team smashed through it in four hours (and in the dark too!). It's safe to say that the post-walk drink at the local RSL was very much deserved.

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Training Diary Entry 2: Seven Bridges Walk

The team conquered the Seven Bridges walk while taking in some of the sights Sydney has to offer. We started with the ANZAC Bridge and our last bridge was the Gladesville Bridge. 28km was completed on this sunny, yet slightly windy Sydney day, and it was a good step up from the 14km previously completed.

Training Diary Entry 1: First leg of the walk

One Sunday we caught the 7.48am train from Central Station to Hawkesbury River and started at the exact spot where the start line will be. The constantly shifting terrain saw both teams climbing (rather than walking) extremely steep hills on multiple occasions. We also saw shifts in altitude moving from sea level to nearly 220-240 metres above and back down again. 

Having two veterans in the team (Jack and James, both completing the event in 2017) is definitely a huge bonus, and the advice given based on their experience will no doubt come in handy throughout our training!

We managed to complete this section of the walk (approx. 14km) in just over four hours, which was a great start for our first group walk. Some learnings curves were taken on board and will no doubt be used for future walks as we count down to the big weekend.

Who are our 2019 walkers?

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Morgan McKinley Million
Like Oxfam, Morgan McKinley understands the importance of raising awareness and giving back to society by helping others in our communities and countries, which is why we launched our global CSR programme - MMK Million. This is our commitment to raising one million euros globally to help improve the lives of those around us and in our communities.

About the Event
The Oxfam Trailwalk is a community event that inspires teams of volunteers to partake in a 100km walk. Every step helps raise essential funds to support people living in poverty globally. Oxfam provides vital work around the world and enables those in need to bring about a positive change in their lives. They promote education, ensure access to clean water, help to develop teaching skills to grow food and encourage people to fight for their rights.

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