Now is the Time for Change

Jessica Barrett
February 13, 20152 mins read

As the year sails on (with only 10.5 months left!) the festive season is well and truly behind us. For anyone that has seen some of my LinkedIn posts you will see a consistent theme – “It’s a busy start to the year” – especially for Projects and Change.

The strong demand for talent in the Change space in Q4 2014 has certainly continued on into 2015. This demand is certainly expected to continue, and grow throughout the year. 

The majority of this demand is being driven by the Financial Services market. With compliance projects like AML 3 in full swing, companies are recruiting Change specialists at all levels to meet the demands of the projects as deadlines loom. Change Analysts, Change Managers and Senior Change Leads are in a good position to join high profile projects. 

As the competition between the major financial institutions continues, companies are recognising the need for change specialists and are concentrating on building change frameworks. These opportunities represent a fantastic opportunity for senior change professionals to make their mark within the change environment. 

Outside of financial services, the need for Change Managers remains consistently strong in line with end of 2014. Although traditionally less mature change environments than those within financial services, companies across various industries are more and more aware of the need for Change professionals to be significant contributors, particularly on large transformation projects. 

This demand has had a slight impact on salaries; however we are seeing both permanent and contract rates remaining fairly consistent with 2014. We are seeing more companies favouring more fixed term contracts over daily rates – it will be interesting to see how this move affects the market.

The Projects and Change team are looking forward to an action packed 2015 in the business transformation space. If you are a change professional looking for that next great role, we look forward to working with you. 

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