Morgan McKinley's NPS winner for Q3

Louise Langridge 22.10.2018

At Morgan McKinley, we aim to Go Beyond for our people, our clients and our candidates.

img_6862.jpgWe take service excellence seriously and like to take the time to acknowledge our people when they have done an outstanding job for our clients and candidates.

We strive to Help our clients find and attract the best talent to achieve their goals and help our candidates secure the best opportunities to progress their careers and do what they love.

We have been measuring our NPS now for a number of years but often with low response rates and poor engagement from our customers. As this is so important to us as a business this year we decided to do things differently and invested in a new technology to help us spearhead this initiative making it simpler than ever before for our customers to give us their feedback and we were delighted with the improved response rates. 

Delivering service excellence is the fabric of what it means to work at Morgan McKinley and we are convinced that it is a key reason why our clients and candidates continue to come back to us and refer their friends. 

Our NPS results are now linked to our career progression framework and we highlight our top performer from a service excellence perspective on a quarterly basis. 

We are delighted to announce our Q3 award winner with a perfect score achieving an NPS of 100 was Jack Pope.  This is a phenomenal achievement all candidate and clients that responded over this period were promoters for Jack, an outstanding achievement. 

Their words, not ours:

Jack has very quickly become my preferred recruiter for Business Intelligence analysts. He not only attracts some of the best talents in the industry but is exceptional in understanding both spoken and unspoken requirements and consistently meeting them.  

Jack has been a great person to work within the recruiting space. He has consistently provided highly targeted candidates which have either met or exceeded my expectations 

Jack has been very helpful and very professional.

Mostly due to the Morgan McKinley staff listening well and trying to ensure they find a role which is relevant to my interests, rather than pigeon-holing me into inappropriate roles. 

We have no doubt that this great service will ensure Jack Continues to deliver great results for his clients and candidates in the Analytics space.

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APAC Regional Managing Director