Morgan McKinley BA Event – What would you like next ??

Morgan McKinley BA Event – What would you like next ??

Daniel Preston 09.08.2017

Morgan McKinleys First BA Event - How to reach your full potential as a Business Analyst.

The role of the Business Analyst is ever changing and evolving. There is an increasing demand to up skill within new methodologies and skill sets whilst also keeping abreast of certifications. 

At Morgan McKinley, as a specialist BA recruitment team, we want to provide our candidates with the best tools to achieve their career goals. 

With this in mind, on the 18th of July we hosted our first ever Morgan McKinley BA event.

In this session, we invited three guest speakers from varying backgrounds to discuss what makes a successful BA. There was a discussion around managing upwards, stakeholder management, methodologies and recommended certifications. 

Alongside flowing wine and excessive snacking, was constructive in-depth advice for BA’s from various industries and sectors from key representatives.

Below is a high level overview of some key questions answered;

1. What in your opinion makes a good Business Analyst?

A well balanced portfolio of experience, functional competency and soft-skills is critical to the success of a business analyst working his or her way up the corporate ladder.

2. Are you seeing any trends in your industry or organisation?

Yes – BA’s are experiencing an identity crisis with the advent of SCRUM practices being adopted by organisations. Advice – try not to fit your title into any SCRUM titles instead back your skills in the roles and responsibilities of identified SCRUM resources and or assume a role on the SCRUM team.

3. Do you have any recommendations for BA’s in terms of ways of up-skilling or certifications?

  • Find a coach and or a mentor
  • Get in involved in the IIBA®
  • Write Articles for a trade magazine or website
  • Coach or mentor a junior BA – you would be surprised how much you can learn by teaching!
  • READ, READ and READ some more – subscribe to newsletters, browse through a book on Business Analysis, keep up on trends – LinkedIn is great sources for great industry information.


4. Methodology - does Agile work and how is it best applied?

Of course Agile works – so long as there is a clear understanding by all stakeholders that Agility is about quick decision making and trust that teams are driven by succeeding without command and control leadership.

5. If you could go back to your younger self and give yourself some advice, what would it be? 

Put your hand up for everything, try everything, pick a passion – stick to it and know that you are going to experience detours along the way – this will only help your cause!

As a team we would like to thank our key speakers, Juhi King, Matt Grimison and Glenn Brule, for taking the time to share their advice and experience with the BA’s in attendance.

So far we have had very positive feedback for the event. We are very keen to hear your thoughts on the event and also what topics the BA community would like covering next.

Any ideas, please share your comments below.

I look forward to seeing you at the next Morgan McKinley BA event.

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Senior Consultant | Business Analysis