An Interview with Gill McLaren, Founder and CEO at Syntegrate Consulting

Vanessa Harding-Farrenberg November 28, 20171 min read

Welcome to the Women in Strategy Success Series where we we talk about the careers choices, highlights and struggles of some inspiring females that have had or currently have Strategy as part of their tool kit.

In this Vlog I met with Gill McLaren, as the Founder and CEO of Syntegrate, Gill has adapted strategic planning approaches from the business world and applied them to create a unique coaching and personal consultancy approach that enables her clients to achieve success in all aspects of their life. For the 20 years before starting Syntegrate she worked in executive leadership roles across the UK, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore in the areas of General Management, Strategic Planning, Commercial, Customer and Marketing at Coca-Cola. She has recently written a book on life design called Think. Plan. Live.
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APAC Regional Managing Director


Perfect for a strategist that is looking to be a pivotal part of this change and the wider business operations.
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Rare opportunity to work with an industry leader as a high-impact manager within a key team in strategy
Work as part of an industry leader who is investing in the development of their staff and continued focus on customer experience