How to Get an Invite to the Royal Wedding!

Daniel Preston
May 15, 20184 mins read

5 top tips for a BA

We would all love to have that royal invite land on our doorstep tomorrow morning, right? Well with the biggest event of the year just around the corner, I wanted to look at what 5 key BA skills are currently smoking hot in the market and going to get us to the ball!

1.    Process

I imagine the Royal Wedding to be very similar to a large complex program of work. 
The focus and need for strong Senior Process BA’s is very much in demand across the market, a lot of clients are always focusing on new Process Improvement initiatives and ways to make an organisation slicker and more productive.
Whether it be across Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects or Process analysis of an upcoming system roll out, the need for Process BA’s is clear. I’m sure that both Harry and Meghan need you to look at the “As-Is” and “To-Be” off their future spouse’s, although I’m not sure how RPA would work for them both!

2.    Security  

Now, obviously, the Royal Wedding is going to have a huge security presence, the SAS, undercover agents, James Bond and MIB will probably all be on hand. However, there is no need to dust off the old sniper just yet, the key focus in the market and what a BA can bring to the table is all around IT Security. 
Now we are seeing a large demand for Cyber Security BA’s across both C&I and the FS industries. With IT and technological threats becoming more and more advanced this is a hotspot for BA’s who want to excel in a limited talent pool which will pay substantially. Whether it be Cyber security, Disaster recovery or CSOC (Cyber security operations centre) the need is ever growing and certainly easier to get into than the SAS!

3.    Digital 

To say the media coverage for this event is going to be massive is a huge understatement. Every man and his dog will somehow be tuned in, either via the internet, applications, social media and iPhone / android, somehow someway you probably won’t be able to miss it. 
There is a constant evolution of technology in the digital space and the Digital BA is forever prospering from the need for digital progression. 

4.    Technology 

I’m guessing the budget for this royal wedding is a little more substantial than what they get on “Don’t tell the bride” therefore you would assume that Harry and Meghan will only have the most advanced and up to date technology known to man!
Instead of rolling out the red carpet like them though, new system roll outs are in constant demand across the market. Every business is looking to upgrade legacy systems or implement new software. Be picky around job applications, if you know someone is looking to roll out a new SAP project and you are a SAP expert, reach out and let me introduce you. Making sure you are clear around your key offerings and technical skills is key to selling yourself to the market and the Royal family. 

5.    Data 

I know there is one person who probably can’t attend the Royal wedding, a chap called Mark, has his hands full of Data issues but I’m sure the need for Data analysis and Data BA’s is going to be as high as it is across the Sydney market right now.
Across both C&I and FS we’re finding that Data BA’s / Data experts are becoming more and more attractive to organisations. If Harry and Meghan can’t squeeze you onto the list it’s a good job, we have 2 specialise teams that look after Data and BA’s!

So, there you have it, these are not only the key attributes that we are finding in high demand across Sydney but also the key skills that could get you an invite to the biggest event of the year. You better dust off that hat!

Now, if I have missed any key aspects, let me know, I’m very keen to hear from you as a client or candidate!

Finally, if you are looking for a new role or you’re looking to recruit, please reach out;

If I don’t hear from you, enjoy the big day, have a cucumber sandwich and a few Pimm’s for me.

Happy Hunting!

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