2011 Hiring

Louise Langridge
February 3, 20111 min read

After an interesting period in the Australian jobs market in 2010 where we saw a lot more conservatism creep into clients’ hiring plans in the second half of the year, I was keen to attend the Chief Economist Forum in Sydney this week to see what economists are predicting for 2011.

The answers to most questions asked still seem to be China. But it certainly gave me some food for thought. Rather than Australia comparing itself to the weakest players on the field at the height of the GFC and how well we have managed things, should we now be looking to the APAC region where comparatively we have some work to do this year to compete?!

The good news for us is the sun is shining and people seem to be back from their summer breaks with a more positive outlook on the year ahead, although I don’t think this is going to be a bumper year, it is all shaping up to be an improvement on 2010.

As long as we are using the strength of the Aussie dollar and taking an international approach to growth, as well as servicing the domestic market, the outlook should be good.

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APAC Regional Managing Director