Gender diversity: how close are we to bridging the gap?

Dominic Bareham
October 7, 20192 mins read

I read an article in The Age yesterday that shared findings from the Chief Executive Women (CEW) ASX200 Senior Executive Census 2019 which highlighted some staggering statistics:

This article coincided with a visit from our Chief Executive Officer, Aldagh McDonogh and our Chief Growth Officer, Hugh Sheehy who have spent the past few days in the Sydney office as part of a larger APAC trip to meet new (and old) faces since their last visit and also meet with the business to share the overarching 3 year strategy. 
The Sydney office was invited to a presentation by Aldagh and Hugh to share what makes Morgan McKinley unique and how, as a collective business, they plan to execute the growth strategy over the next 3 years. 
I had an opportunity to reflect on the recent findings on female leaders in ASX listed companies and the fact that not only does Morgan McKinley have a female CEO, but the Australian office is also led by two female Managing Directors, Vanessa Harding-Farrenburg and Louise Langridge.

>As a woman in her early 30’s who grew up in a predominantly male dominant industry (I mean no disrespect by this, I have had the pleasure of working for and under the direction of some incredibly successful, empathetic and effective male leaders), it was both inspiring and encouraging to be able to take stock and appreciate that the company I work for is committed to gender diversity. 
A recent Harvard Business Review study found that in countries where it is viewed as a widespread cultural belief that gender diversity is important, gender diversity related to more productive companies as measured by market value and revenue. The study quoted a  Glassdoor review which found that 67% of active and passive job seekers said that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers. 
It makes sense then, that if an organisation has a gender-diverse workforce, it signals an attractive work environment for talent which in turn, encourages a diverse exchange of ideas. 
With the release of the CEW Census, it poses the question:

“If there is not a true balance of gender and diversity to reflect values, ethics, strategic vision, and delivery, is the business truly set up for success?”

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