Foundations of Life Design Workshop with Gill McLaren

Louise Langridge 10.07.2019

Morgan McKinley & Syntegrate are working together to make 2019 your #BestYearYet!

Morgan McKinley has partnered with Gill McLaren from Syntegrate and author of Think.Plan.Live and will be hosting a half-day workshop "Foundations of Life Design".

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and discuss ideas with other like-minded candidates, start your 'Life Design' journey and work through how you can make 2019 your #BestYearYet. 

Workshop outcomes 

  • Clarity on your values and strengths and a greater confidence in owning them and living your life by them, to keep your life in the positive zone.
  • Knowledge and awareness on how to self-coach, so you can start to find patterns in your own actions and your personal triggers, and what drives your sparks and jolts.
  • Insight on your sources of energy, both situations and people.

What's included

  • A signed copy of the book Think.Plan.Live.
  • Starting your life design journey - the step by step guide and how you go about it.
  • The clues to your unique life fingerprint (Who, What, With, Why, Where, When).

Who is it for?

  • Those seeking to discover what makes you authentically you.
  • Those seeking to define what next in their career.
  • Those interested in starting their best life design journey.
  • Those seeking to spend some 'me' time to be really clear on ‘Who’ they are in terms of values.
  • Those seeking to learn more about their energy sources and the people and situations that bring out the best in them.
  • Those curious to discover what their unique life fingerprint looks like, and what that means for future life and career choices.

Event Details 

Date: Thursday 29 August 2019 
Where: Morgan McKinley Offices - Level 9, 383 Kent Street, Sydney, 2000 (find us here)
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm (breakfast and networking starts at 8:30am)
Cost:  $129 per ticket or 2 tickets for $200  


Tea, coffee and a light breakfast will be provided. Spaces are limited so register below to secure your space!

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