Finance Transformation Part 2 – What Key Skills are in Demand?

Josh Hawkins
July 31, 20142 mins read

In my previous blog I discussed the common trends throughout finance change programmes within the Australian market. Following this insight I thought I would highlight a few of the key skills employers are seeking from candidates wishing to enter the world of finance transformation.

Every other large organisation within Australia seems to be either implementing or upgrading their capabilities within BI space and more often than not, the tool they seem to be going with is TM1. From a finance transformation perspective this means they’re looking not only for technical candidates who can develop and improve report/cubes (budgeting/forecasting etc) within TM1, but they also need to understand finance, speak their language and translate their requirements into meaningful insights via TM1.|

Six Sigma
As mentioned in my previous blog, many of the finance transformation programmes are aligned to process improvement – Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement (mapping of current state processes and eliminating waste). Therefore candidates with a background in six sigma, ideally gained within a finance setting, are highly sought after. 

Project methodology
If you’re shooting for a finance programme or project management position then nothing speaks greater volume than proven hands on experience managing and successfully delivering single (or multiple) projects – from beginning to end! However, if you’re up against candidates with similar experience, you can set yourself apart with certification in project management methodologies such as PMBOK, Prince2 or even better Agile!

Stakeholder engagement
A common term but as it turns out not an easy skill to master – nor to find in the market. This skill is KEY to any individual wishing to become an expert within transformation and change.  A project will only be successful if you can engage and communicate with your key stakeholders, bring them along on the journey and have their full support with the delivery of a successful project  - not only C level stakeholders but those at every level of the business.

Mastering the skills above and gaining relevant certifications are stepping stones towards a rewarding and challenging career within the ever evolving world of finance transformation.

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