4 C&I Finance Skills Hiring Managers are looking for in 2019

Shaun Stevens
February 26, 20192 mins read

2019 has only just started, yet there’s already many first movers who are trying to take the leap from the Big 4. Meanwhile, hiring managers are trying to attract that talent. We’ve spoken to many hiring managers in the C&I Accounting field and we’ve noticed that there’s really 4 important finance skills they are all looking for when hiring.

1. The move from FP&A to the Hybrid Analyst

Number one on their list is the evolution of the Finance Analyst. Over the last 12 months, the financial analyst role has continued to move from being a core P&L owner to a more data and insights focused role, which is also reflected in an increase in salaries.

Many organisations we have been speaking to are looking for talent who can deep dive into master data and pull together the actionable insights from the information that non-finance stakeholders can use.

These candidates still need the traditional finance analyst skill set but business are now asking their analysts to spend less time reporting numbers and spend more time developing actionable insights.

2. Business & Operationally focused Commercial Analysts

“Someone who gets up from their desk and asks the question”-this quote is becoming ever more popular with our clients.

Finance is taking a heavier focus on operations recently, and businesses love to hear about candidates going out and understanding what the key business drivers are.  

3. Technical Accounting Experts

With the implications of the ever-changing accounting standards, there has been a renewed need for Technical Accounting experts.  This role, contrary to common belief, is not as much about sitting behind your desk reading and writing policy but more about going out into the business understanding finance streams and transactions and identifying appropriate treatments where they apply.

This skill set requires the ability to work in both a project role but also being able to focus on business partnering.

Where will we be in 6 months’ time?

We predict that we will see similar trends towards Big data and a renewed need for accountants with a focus on IT/Systems to help support communication between finance and their systems. Let’s watch this space!


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