Fail fast, reflect real time and collaborate quick!

Eloise Seidelin 10.10.2018

These were all phrases that could be heard (and taken) from a bustling Agile Meet Up last night!

img_8643_1.jpgIt was awesome to partner with Atlassian for this month’s event. The room was reverberating with the energy of agile. This was not a ten a dozen thought leadership night which invites you to kindly take your seat, sit back and absorb the presentation, this was an interactive and organic workshop where everyone was invited to take part. 

Attendees of the night were grouped into teams of 10 and tasked to build something together that could sustain being lifted and lowered to the floor by all of their team mates in unison. They were given a choice of apparatus (including marshmallows and spaghetti!), 5 minutes to plan and then 5 minutes to execute. Following this exercise each team was given reflection time; ‘How did you perform?’ ‘Did you work as a team or were you self motivated?’ ‘Did you think of each step or only of the end goal?’ ‘Did you openly fail or were you frustrated?’ It was remarkable to see this self and team orientated reflection happening in real time. I noted that this is something we so frequently fail to do in our day to day lives whether within the workplace or personally. Guilty of operating in the present and then irrespective of the outcome (success or failure) we don’t reflect before moving on.

Following this reflection, the teams were then asked to repeat the task and this time they could choose to alter their object or stick with their original. This exercise was repeated 3 times and fascinatingly each time the teams grew closer and began working together and less in their silos. The end result was people acknowledging that they were failing openly, inviting help and as a team, they were collaborating to solve problems. In the wrap up participants questioned whether within their working environments they would feel safe enough to emulate this or whether we fail silently and try to fix our ‘problems’ alone making us far less effective.

What a success the night was; to bring to life in a fluid, interactive and organic exercise some of the daily struggles we all face in our stale approaches to hurdles. The night was only a taster of what is to come; on the 8th November Atlassian will be hosting an Agile Day which last year saw 35 agile whizzes dancing together. I shall definitely be in attendance, although my two left feet might be in Nikes rather than tap shoes! Sign up now to avoid disappointment.

Agile Tour

"Our meetups are a preview of what's coming for Agile tour 2018 when The Sydney Agile Community is gathering again this November.

A full day to experience and explore.

During the last 8 years in Sydney, we have had a great time interacting on many topics and themes.

For 2018 we want to provide the same collegiate and community atmosphere through our basic principles."




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