Energising Yourself in the Workplace

Josh Hawkins
February 27, 20132 mins read

Implementing a personal fitness programme can not only have the obvious benefit of improvements in your general heath and well being (or shedding the extra Christmas pounds) but it can also be a great way to re-energise yourself in the workplace - ultimately making you more successful and productive.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

Increased energy and productivity levels in the office
Studies have shown that regular exercise has a positive effect in boosting energy levels and reducing fatigue. The key here is regular – going to the gym once a week is going to have little effect. Walk to work every morning or try going for a short run over lunch to get through that afternoon slump. If you’re energised – then of course you're going to be more productive.

Goal setting
In order to succeed in hitting your fitness targets, you’re going to need to set goals – whether this being to finish that 10km run, swim 2km in under 30mins or get to 5 bootcamp sessions a week – it’s all about goal setting.
Being focused enough to set goals and achieve them in a fitness sense can be easily transferred to the workplace – ultimately making you more successful. Hitting those figures you’re aiming in the office will be easy in comparison to that marathon target you’ve set yourself!

Reducing stress levels
If you’re stressed in the office, then just about any type of exercise can help with stress reduction. Exercise has been proven to pump up your endorphins (your ‘feel good hormones’) and improve concentration, while lowering feelings of mild depression and anxiety.
Fast paced activities such as sprints, fast laps in the pool or a game of squash, where you’re concentrating on your body movements, helps you to forget the pressure of the day and re-focus. Think of it as a type of mediation!

Make it a habit
Once we’ve decided you’re going to begin getting fit – the easy part is starting the routine. The difficult part is maintaining the programme and therefore making it a habit.
Make it easy on yourself and include a variety of activities so you don’t get bored. Commit to your goals with a workmate and train together. 

If you make exercise a priority and non negotiable, you’ll be sure to get there! And once you’ve hit those fitness goals you’ll be hooked and from a work perspective that bonus target will quickly follow!

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