Encountering the Counter Offer

Louise Langridge
January 2, 20132 mins read

When going to meet with a recruiter they will obviously ask you a lot of questions to gain the best insight they can into your career goals and the reasons why your current job is not fulfilling you.

I have spoken to many candidates and they are often taken aback by the following question: “Would you accept a counter offer?”.

Often their first reaction is simply a ‘no!’. But when a promotion or more money is put on the table by their current employer it can unsettle an otherwise smooth recruitment process.

The main question to ask yourself is why it has taken my employer to the point of me resigning to offer me the pay rise I have been asking for? 

Some things you should consider before accepting a counter offer:

Where is your pay rise coming from
Most companies in this market have strict budgets so this is probably your annual pay rise a bit earlier and you will be in the same position when your review comes around.

You have just made your employer aware that you are unhappy
Your future loyalty and credibility could be called into question and you may be at the back of the queue for any future promotions.

Your boss might not want to lose you as it will increase their own work volumes
Your employer is looking to keep you in the short term but is actively planning your replacement from both an internal and external perspective.

You will be able to keep your existing relationships and not face the stresses of starting a new role
Once the word gets out that you have been looking to leave you might find that your usual stakeholders will go elsewhere for their advice and also question your commitment.

Opportunity cost
If you accept the counter offer are you missing out on a fantastic career opportunity for the future?

Statistics say that if you accept a counter offer there is an 80% chance that you will either decide to leave or be let go within 12 months. 

There are a lot of companies that will not enter into a counter offer situation however if you do find yourself in this dilemma don’t lose sight of the initial reason you started looking for a new role and don’t be blinded by the dollar signs $$$$$$ …


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