Employ Me, I'm Irish!

Josh Hawkins
April 19, 20174 mins read

Not many people in the Australian market know that Morgan McKinley is originally an Irish business.

Having managed candidates in the highly specialised area of C&I finance for over a year with this business, I know which candidates stand out from the crowd.

The Chartered Accountant qualification is one of the most well regarded and prestigious Accounting qualifications to have and is recognisable worldwide as the sign of a high-quality candidate. Here in Sydney, we have seen a high demand for Irish or UK Working Holiday Visa candidates who possess this crucial qualification. It is undisputed that this skill set is sought after, and candidates possessing this and other key skills such as great communication, don’t stick around for long.

Recently, I placed two awesome Irish CA’s and found that before one of them had even arrived in the country, she was being hunted by some of the biggest businesses we work with.  I wanted to share with you, their recruitment experience and try and persuade any of you who are thinking about making the move, to just do it! The two candidates I chose to blog about were from different backgrounds - one started her career in Big 4 and then moved into industry (Candidate A) and the other started as a Graduate through to Financial Accountant (Candidate B). Both hold their CA Qualification and both were placed within a week of arrival/contacting us at Morgan McKinley.

Here’s what they said:

Q1: What brought you to Australia and more specifically, Sydney?

(A) I had visited Sydney previously and absolutely loved it! I also had colleagues who had made the move and gained great job opportunities. Not only did their lifestyle look fantastic but they also enjoyed a substantial boost in their salaries in comparison to Ireland. It’s more of a life experience that has also benefited my career.
(B) I wanted a change, to travel, to have fun and to enjoy a vibrant city with different cultures and backgrounds. I wanted to do it at a young age and enjoy a good standard of living. Oh and the weather helped!

Q2: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to make the move/unsure if they should?

(A) Make the move, give it a go and see how it works out. I know I have only been here a short time but I got myself up and running in less than 2 weeks so it wasn’t that difficult. It does help knowing one or two people out here in advance but Irish people always seem to find each other!
(B) You only have one life and it is what you make it – make the most of it – home will always be there! Realise how lucky you are holding such a sought after qualification that allows you to stay if you want to.

Q3: Looking back, is there anything you would do differently?

(A) Not really apart from probably head over in Summer time. Some people may want more time to settle in before the job hunt begins but it suited me [to get a job straight away].
(B) Be more organised, research, look on LinkedIn, and contact recruiters before you head out so you have the ball rolling for when you arrive. Be proactive, it won’t just fall into your lap!

Q4: How did you find the recruitment process overall and do you have any feedback for the recruitment agencies you used?

(A) I felt MMK were amazing, they got the ball rolling and got it done so fast. They were mindful of what I wanted and gave solid advice. Absolute pleasure to deal with. (Was only in contact with MMK in the process)
(B) The recruitment process was very positive, MMK kept myself at ease by keeping in contact with any updates on the process. When I previously had felt that I wasn’t getting anywhere, MMK were positive and enthusiastic about getting me placed.

Q5: Out of all the agencies you used/dealt with, what was the best piece of advice given to you that you got the best value from?

(A) I thought that the interview preparation with Lenka Chadaj (Accounting & Finance Contracts Consultant) was highly beneficial and will really stand to me. Also, getting feedback from interviews was really beneficial and improved technique with experience.
(B) Oliver Wale (Accounting & Finance Contracts Consultant) advised me to alter my CV so that it read better for employers and sell myself as well as you could – never assume employers know what you mean.

If you are considering your next move in Accounting & Finance and want to discuss what is happening in the market then please do not hesitate to contact me on jhawkins@morganmckinley.com.au for a confidential conversation.

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