Contracting myths busted...

Jonty Plewes 02.08.2018

Today's workforce is becoming more contingent than it ever has been and the Transformation market in Sydney is growing.

More and more professionals are choosing to go down the contracting route to find employment.

Still, there are a few questions I get from people concerned about stepping into contract roles.   I wanted to share a blog around the common myths about contracting in today’s marketplace. 

You can’t get a mortgage if you are a contractor

This isn’t true. One of my contractors recently was in this exact predicament. Morgan McKinley were able to communicate with the Bank about this individual contract employment and earning potential in their contract role and within two weeks he had his mortgage and loan approved for his new home. 

No security between contracts 

The current job market is very positive and with Transformation moving so quickly, employers are increasingly looking to contractors for various Programs/Projects.
If you are good at what you do, willing to be a strong networker and ready to get in there and get the job done, you will be able to secure consistent work. 

There is no career growth

Yes, in a permanent role your career plan and growth might be more clearly laid out for you.  However, as an independent contractor, it’s up to you to choose where you want to take your career and take the professional development steps to make the change happen. With continuous learning and undertaking courses and qualifications you will determine where your career goes.

There is plenty of career growth as a contractor, you just need to own and drive it a bit more than you might do as a permanent employee. 

You have no work/life balance

You can have more of a work life balance being a contractor as you can decide the hours and days you would like to work. Be careful though you won’t be paid for these days!! 

Flexible or remote working has previously been reserved for permanent employees only, but as companies realise the importance of a part contract workforce, these benefits are often extended to all contractors.

If you’re thinking of becoming a contractor and you’re looking for a guiding hand, please contact me Chris Eggleston  


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