The Changing Face of Business Success

Josh Hawkins
July 14, 20142 mins read

Times along with companies and the way they do business are changing and not in a slowly but surely kind of way but in a fairly rapid transformative manner!

You need only to glance at the newly released fortune 500 to see the change, with businesses featuring in sectors that are considered to be in very challenging environments.

21th Century Fox has made its debut at 341 and is a direct result of transformation, demerging it from the News Corp’s publishing arm as a result of the slow growth. This demerger immediately boosted the value of both businesses and gained the favour of the market – a perfect example of business transformation working and businesses adapting to the market.

Oil and Gas are a constant in the wealth standings so nothing new there but it’s the creeping dominance of retail with Wal-Mart taking the throne from Shell, and Woolworths and Wesfarmers (Coles) holding strong positions in the local market at 158 and 161 respectively above all of the big 4 banks and the largest telecoms provider Telstra.

All of this begs the question what will we see next?

It is clear that we are very much in ‘if you are not moving forward you are moving backwards environment’ where change, transformation and technology must be embraced. This is ratified by the sharp up take in methodologies such as Agile and Lean in organisations globally, large and costly ERP system upgrades and the demand across countries such as India and the Philippines for off shored and out sourced services.

Where will the next trends arise from, what will they be and will they be a fad or bring real changes to produce new success stories / surprises?

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