Branding Through Social Media

Josh Hawkins May 17, 20132 mins read

Most people will judge you within the first few seconds of meeting you and this impression will stick by them, this is the same when it comes to people looking over your social media pages.

As social media is becoming very important in promoting your personal brand, it is very essential that you get it spot on. So how do you go about making this happen?  I have outlined 4 areas below that you need to think about:

Stay close to potential employers
A good way to stay close to potential employers is to use the “follow company” feature on LinkedIn and Twitter, so you’re automatically kept up to date about new hires and company developments. On Facebook, you can use the “Like” company feature and engage in conversations with other people with a similar mindset to you. 

Get Involved
Be proactive by answering questions, making introductions and posting relevant industry information. It is very important not be one sided when taking information from the social networks, as more often than not, people think “what’s in it for me?”.  If you are regularly answering questions on LinkedIn groups, providing information to followers on Facebook and Twitter, people will start to notice you!

Connect with others in your industry and the best way to do this is through LinkedIn Groups. Search the directory to find groups in your industry, join those that appear especially active and vibrant, and then introduce yourself to the other members.  This can also be done on Twitter and Facebook, as you can follow companies and engage in conversations with other people who are at a similar level.

Have a plan
If you have a game plan, you will immediately be ahead of the majority of your competitors in the job market. You will need a clear strategy as to how you will approach each social platform though, for example, plan on working on your profile one day, joining groups another or follow companies a third.  

As social media is rapidly becoming a bigger part of the recruitment process, making a good impression could be the decider on securing your next position.



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