Benefits of a dedicated onboarding team for contractors & contract roles

May 25, 20207 mins read

What benefits can a dedicated onboarding team bring to contractors?

Workers across all industries and at all professional levels are becoming more and more attracted by the movement toward independent work — one without the constraints and rigidness of full-time employment. 

When you accept contract work, this means that you are going to be in the position you’re in for a fixed amount of time, be it three months, six months or even a year. Once that new role is signed and sealed, you can sit back and relax.. right? The movement between contract roles can be extremely fast-paced and stressful at times, from one company to another, one IT system to another, different company ethos, another new world to grasp in a short space of time. Who will look after the administration, the first day nerves and in many cases the client’s heavily packed pre-employment compliance process? All these details can become minor formalities when you have a solid support network ready to help you along the way. 
Say hello to the onboarding team.

At Morgan McKinley, we are doing things a little differently.

Whether it’s your first introduction to contracting as a new candidate, or even if you’re a familiar seasoned professional, our Contractor Experience Team have got it covered.  From the moment you accept a new role, to your first day, right through to your very last day in one placement and onto your next, the Contractor Experience Team are there every step of the way.

According to the Society for Human Resources Management, organisations with a standard onboarding process in place experience 50% greater new hire satisfaction & productivity. This statistic is a reality within Morgan McKinley as we see a high rate of contractors sticking with us for repeat assignments. The attention and onboarding every new contractor receives when they are placed through us lends to minimal stress and an enjoyable experience.

What does working alongside our Contractor Experience Team mean for you?

    contractor team

    1. Communication: You will be fully prepared for your new role before being onsite. Morgan McKinley contractors have access to one central team of specialists ready to answer all their questions, no matter how big or small, within a speedy response time. You can contact us by filling out the form here .
    2. Attention To Detail: Paperwork and background checks for any upcoming role are completed, checked and saved efficiently by our onboarding team. The management of this process by one specialised team ensures everything is accounted for and all boxes are ticked. Compliance checks, first day start details, timesheet & payroll information are all thoroughly explained by the onboarding team ensuring your transition into your new role goes smoothly. You can also be assured your data is being stored in the correct manner in line with GDPR guidelines.
    3. After Care: Humans are creatures of habit and like to feel comfortable and secure in what they do. It’s important that contractors know they always have a support team ready and available for any query they may have. We carry out check in calls to stay in touch throughout the placement. Many of our contractors comment on these small but meaningful gestures which concretes the fact that you are not just another number on our books. We want the contracting experience to be as enjoyable as possible by turning the initial great candidate experience into a great employee experience once you commence your new job through us. Onboarding does not just stop after the first day.

    We all know how hard it is to start a new job. Invariably there are always a few bumps in the road and it can be a scary process for some, especially in the world of contracting. Trying to assimilate into a new role can be a little tough to navigate at first but when you contract through Morgan McKinley you don’t need to worry. Our Contractor Experience Team’s onboarding specialists will minimise these fears by giving you the tools and information you need, guaranteeing you get a productive start in every new role you choose.


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