Love is in the air: 5 ways to make you a more attractive BA

Love is in the air: 5 ways to make you a more attractive BA

Daniel Preston 09.02.2018

With Valentines day just around the corner, people are starting to focus more on their looks, sex appeal and all-round attractiveness to society.

I thought, rather than focussing on the superficial aspects of life, why not try to increase your professional appeal.

In the current market, how can you make yourself a more attractive BA? Our top 5 points are;

1. Flexibility
Many candidates suffer from being “pigeonholed” in their career. Candidates may fall into the trap of being stereotyped across industry, projects, contract type (Perm / FTC / Day rate) or role. Many businesses now are taking off their blinkers and are open to BA’s who wouldn’t fit the stereotypical mould. With businesses becoming more flexible it may be time to broaden the horizons and be more open minded to opportunities out there.

2. Agile
Following the flexible theme, Agile is turning most business’s on. As a real buzzword in the market, it would be a shame not to be getting stuck into it. As an organisation we are finding the demand for Agile BA’s in high demand. Understanding Agile and being Agile are the first points on agendas when our clients list their needs. 

3. Commitment
A key characteristic that make many attractive, in and out of work, is loyalty and commitment. We find BA’s that bedhop from role to role lose their sex appeal with our clients. It’s completely understandable to look out into the market whilst committed to a contract/role, just because you are on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu right? However, trust me when I say, if an organisation know that you are being generous with your CV they will instantly be turned off.

4. Exclusive
Keeping in line with commitment, this also applies to agencies. From first hand experience, if a consultant knows you are working exclusively with him / her then they will certainly be more inclined to work 10 times harder for you. Having a strong and honest relationship with your consultant will certainly help in your search for opportunities. Don’t cheat on your consultant!

5. TLC
Everyone loves a little TLC now and again. Most in life will try to improve their aesthetics, chat and overall being to make them self-more attractive to others. Relate this back to work, if you go the extra mile and try to improve your CV in the market you will boost your chances of finding that special someone, role wise. Key buzzwords that stand out would be, Lean Six Sigma, Scrum Master, IIBA or Prince certifications to name a few.

Whether you’re looking to start a love affair with a new role, or just looking to improve your stock, the above advice should be a solid starting point for any BA.

For more insight, reach out to your consultant cupids at Morgan McKinley.

Happy Hunting!

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Senior Consultant | Business Analysis