Are You Reaching Your Full Potential in Your Career?

Louise Langridge 11.07.2018

At Morgan McKinley our mission is to help improve lives and we set out at the start of 2018 with a big goal, to make sure our candidates and clients had the tools they needed to make 2018 their Best year yet.

You have probably seen a raft of insights and tools we have made available so far this year. We believe that everyone wants to feel like they’re living up to their potential and making a real difference at work and yet many people come to us feeling that their skills are not being fully utilised and are unsure of the best way forward. 

That’s why at the start of 2018 we were delighted to partner with Gill McLaren from Syntegrate and author of Think.Plan.Live.  We believe the goal-orientated Syntegrate Life Design approach is a great way to take the right steps to find out what is important to you and shape your best future life and career.  This has been a great partnership and a meeting of minds and once people are clear on where they are looking to go the Morgan McKinley specialist team can then assist you in finding the best fit next career move. 

We have just completed our 1st half-day workshop "Foundations of Life Design" and the feedback has been fantastic. In this session, Gill walked the participants through a number of the core elements of Life design and everyone left with new insights and a clear action plan to take forward. Due to the resounding success of this first session, we are looking to offer this workshop to our network on an ongoing basis. 

 "I think the opportunity to engage in personal development outside of an organization is really valuable. I love the fact that this session was accessible to all.. i.e.. Low cost, easy to sign up, small half day commitment yet really valuable."

"Fantastic workshop. Mind is racing now. Looking forward to reading the book and hopefully smashing the ‘buts’ or ‘ I cants’"

"I really appreciate and love all the components of it hence given all 5. I have been to different workshops (for work leadership programs + P.D) and this has been the best. Would love some coaching from you!!

"Great foundation, would value future session to build; develop from this session. Made me realise it’s not as hard as it seems but it takes time and focus."

So who is it for?

  • Those seeking to define what next in their career.
  • Those interested in starting their best life design journey.
  • Those seeking to spend some 'me' time to be really clear on ‘Who’ they are in terms of values.
  • Those seeking to learn more about their energy sources and the people and situations that bring out the best in them.
  • Those curious to discover what their unique life fingerprint looks like, and what that means for future life and career choices.


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APAC Regional Managing Director