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Louise Langridge
June 15, 20183 mins read

Ever wondered is my life is as good as it gets? Am I really reaching my full potential?

Morgan McKinley has partnered with Gill McLaren from Syntegrate and author of Think.Plan.Live and we are excited to announce our upcoming half day workshop which will provide you with the tools to help you live your best life.

Workshop outcomes

  • Clarity on your values and strengths and a greater confidence in owning them and living your life by them, to keep your life in the positive zone.
  • Knowledge and awareness on how to self-coach, so you can start to find patterns in your own actions and your personal triggers, and what drives your sparks and jolts.
  • Insight on your sources of energy, both situations and people.
  • Clarity on your current and future life wheel and some practical quick-win next steps to address the areas you find most challenging.

What's included

  • A signed copy of the book Think.Plan.Live.
  • Starting your life design journey. The step by step guide and how you go about it.
  • The clues to your unique life fingerprint (Who, What, With, Why, Where, When).
  • Start to explore the 'Who', ‘What’ and ‘With’ of life design, utilising 4 of the Think.Plan.Live. tools to identify your values, discover your strengths, check the balance of your life wheel, and identify your sources of energy.

Who is it for?

  • Those seeking to discover what makes you authentically you.
  • Those seeking to define what next in their career.
  • Those interested in starting their best life design journey.
  • Those seeking to spend some 'me' time to be really clear on ‘Who’ they are in terms of values.
  • Those seeking to learn more about their energy sources and the people and situations that bring out the best in them.
  • Those curious to discover what their unique life fingerprint looks like, and what that means for future life and career choices.

Only 30 spaces available, exclusively for Morgan McKinley candidates @ $129 per person ($99 for the workshop + a signed copy of Think.Plan.Live worth $30)


To secure your space please register via the link below.


More about Gill

Gill McLaren is an international business leader who draws on her 30-year business career - including C-suite roles for Coca-Cola – to help people create Best Life Plans. Gill became so passionate about supporting other leaders to make the most of their strengths and be true to their passions that she left her corporate career to set up a coaching and consultancy business focused on just that. She has translated her own journey, and those of other executive leaders she has coached, into a set of practical tools and frameworks to help you discover and define your best life and unique life fingerprint. This workshop, facilitated by Gill, will get you started on your own life design journey

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