The 6 Best Reasons to Contact the BA Team at MMK

Helen Lovering 27.06.2018

As the rest of the world go Soccer / Football crazy the Transformation team are still living in the real world and are busy!

So whether you are looking for a new BA opportunity or are needing a specialist BA to join your project/program, there are 6 very good reasons to contact the specialist BA Team at MMK…

We have just grown to be six people strong and here is why…...

Across the industry, it’s no secret that organisations are going through large transformations. From well-known retailers having a focus on becoming more environmentally friendly by ‘banning the bag’ and leading banks selling parts of their business, it’s an extremely busy time within the Project space and more specifically, the BA space.

On top of this, organisations are going through digital transformations, working on improving/streamlining their processes, enhancing their customer experience, putting teams together to work on the Royal Commission, all which have resulted in new projects or programs kicking off across the industry.

Due to the increase in activity in the market, the MMK team has now grown and we’ve welcomed two new Consultants which is great news for myself and the greater team!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome –

James Gormley, who has recently relocated from the MMK Dublin office and is focusing on the Technical BA space across Financial Services & Insurance.

Daniel Broderick, who has joined to cover Financial Services, Telco, Media and Healthcare. He has a solid track record recruiting in the Transformation space.

If you are a high calibre Business Analyst or Project Professional then please do not hesitate in reaching out to either James or Daniel to have a conversation about the market and potential suitable job opportunities.  

Alternatively, you can also contact our very own Scottish Delight / Candidate Manager Suzi Hagan -

Meet the full team here -


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Associate Director | IT & Business Transformation