3 key factors to finding your next amazing job

Dominic Bareham 10.09.2018

Every week my team take it in turns to bring an inspiring video to our weekly team catch up for everyone else to watch.

We then talk about what we took from the video, write the message up on our board for the week and live it. 

This week we watched Les Brown talk about the Chinese Bamboo Tree, click here if you want to watch. 

I chose this video as like most people our job is much harder than it looks. We live the highs and lows with both our candidates and our clients whilst they are either looking for a job, or looking to hire someone. It makes for a stressful week, and it can be a real journey, thankfully not as long as the bamboo tree. Here are 3 key factors that we took away from this week’s video if you are looking for a job: 

There is a fantastic opportunity out there for you, it might just take a little while to find. You have to believe that it will come and be able to spot the right thing when it’s there. This involves meeting with companies, talking to your network, getting people to help, and believing it will happen even when you are finding it tough. 


We live in a world on demand with instant results, this mindset is fine if you are ordering food or want a taxi however you need to change this view for your job search. Don’t get frustrated if the right role doesn’t come along immediately. It might not have come to market yet, just make sure you are ready when it does. Wait for the right one, it will be worth it. 


You will get a few knock backs along the way, but don’t let this knock your confidence or search. This is part of the work it takes to find something. You won’t be suited to every job and every company. The fact that you will be rejected by a company is a good thing. Whoever is interviewing you knows more about the role, team and company and will be selecting you against more than is just on the job description. You may feel capable and ready for a particular job, however it might not be right for factors you don’t know about. Show the determination to find something that is right and keep going. 

Once you bring all of these things together you’ll land the right thing. It might not be straight away however it should be quicker than Chinese bamboo grows.! 

So what did we choose to write up on our board this week? 

“Don’t stop believing”

And yes, it did spark a few people into song.! 

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