2016 Backed Itself… Have You?

Josh Hawkins
November 24, 20163 mins read

2016 so far has certainly been one to remember, question is will it be for the right reasons!?

The events of this past 11 months have led us to a world where Leicester can win the English Premier League, The Cubs can win the world series, The Sharks can win the NRL, shockingly the UK political classes are out of touch with the British people - enter BREXIT and possibly most shocking of all a Billionaire can have hair that bad... Oh and be elected to the most powerful office on the planet! 

I, for one, am not sure I am ready for 2017! 

Mr Trump and his team are either geniuses for calling the public sentiment perfectly and ‘piggy backing’ on a political protest vote to arrive at the White House, or they are in fact just very lucky that most voting citizens are so disillusioned with politics and politicians they would happily vote for the local bin man over a career politician! Oh, and a patriotic catch phrase on repeat never hurts when rallying a nation.

However, as much as I jest, I must congratulate Trump on surviving a myriad of scandals, sound bites and closets full of skeletons that kept coming and would have no doubt sunk any other political hopeful in the history of every presidential race ever run! It was relentless – I literally do not have the time to highlight them in this blog. It did however highlight a certain Teflon quality to Trump in his pursuit of the White House. 

Secondly, with what seemed like, ZERO policies or definitive action points Trump kept on gathering momentum, never doubting himself, fully confident that he would “Make America Great Again” apparently that was a enough for enough Americans... If it’s on a baseball cap and the guy from The Apprentice is saying it, it must be true.

I believe conclusions and, frankly, life lessons for all of us can be drawn from the Trump win as well as other 2016 events - they are as follows:

1. Back yourself. Believe in yourself no matter what people say because it is very hard to put you down or stop you from achieving what you want if you do – Leicester and the Cubs (as well as the bookmakers) did not see their wins coming but they did come and as mentioned for a normal candidate in a normal race there would have been 10+ campaign ending incidents – not for Teflon Trump! Just ignore the negatives, literally like they are not happening! 

2. Don’t let the thinking get in the way of the doing, get cracking and you can figure out the rest later – If the president of the United States is doing that then you can, with relative ease, take that promotion 12 months early and learn on the job... Unlikely you will oversee the nukes! What’s the worst that could happen? 

3. Sell yourself effectively, it doesn’t matter what your resume or LinkedIn say about you, it’s what you say about you. It is about how you illustrate your value to someone (or 350 million people!) as they will buy into you and if you do it effectively enough you can even talk and talk and literally say nothing with great success!

4. Lastly, nothing is a forgone conclusion, as many unemployed pollsters in the UK and the US will attest. Underdogs win and favourites lose – 2016’s tag line.

Coaches, managers, friends and family will always tell you to back yourself and believe in yourself and it’s good advice. I thought it was just worth highlighting that apparently in 2016, literally anything is possible by actually listening to them! 

With just over a month to go I’m terrified and interested in equal measures to see what is left before the fireworks go off in the harbour!

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